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+20 years
in the sector.

Rent Car Deluxe is a company dedicated to renting high-end cars and exclusive sports cars, for any type of event, whether for hours or days.

With logistics and an expert human team that allows us to go further, even organizing your entire stay, with the places you want to visit and activities of your interest, taking our services to any point in Spain.

Likewise, we also have a purchase and sale service, so if you are interested in purchasing a high-end vehicle, or getting rid of it, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • We deliver the vehicle anywhere in Spain on the indicated date.

  • We have our own fleet without intermediaries.

  • We guarantee security in the processing of your reservation with maximum transparency in the process.

  • You can visit our physical Showroom.

  • We advise you personally and adapt to your needs.

  • We put at your service our telephone number with attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We take your car to any
place in Spain.


Rent Car Deluxe is a company dedicated to the high-end car and supercar rental exclusive, with or without driver for any type of event, be it by hours or days.

Today it is the leading company in the sector of rental of supercars with own fleet.

We are backed by a long experience (providing our services since 2002) that has given us helped to improve, touching today the perfection in the rental process supercar.

We are also recognized as leaders in the sector that gave us the prestigious and international Forbes magazine.


Pioneers in offering their customers the latest novelties in the market and having a fleet of supercars updated annually.

Rent Car Deluxe is not only characterized by having those latest news, if not that our models are purchased directly from the factory with a unique and exclusive configuration.


Maximum reliability
Punctuality in delivery
Guarantee symbol
Product exclusivity